Welcome to 4Cache

What is 4cache?

4cache is a service that was created many years back when three folks who all worked together used to send each other links to images on 4chan but we ran into a problem where some times we would get delayed and not be able to see the image before it had 404'd.
Thus was born the 4cache, a service where with the click of a bookmark button on your browser window you could add that image to a permanent record that you could then share with your friends, family, or enemies.

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Got a Problem?

Given the nature of this user generated content hosting site it is VERY likely that there are copyrighted materials here. Should you find something that is yours or shouldn't be here, send us an email with the image URL, like /image/xxxxx.html, and we can get it removed.
As fun as it is processing DMCA claims, we prefer to just remove whatever it is without question, its easier that way for all of us.
So send an email to [email protected] with that Image URL and we'll make it happen.