About 4Cache.net

4Cache was originally designed as a method to share the funny and perverse images that were found on 4chan.org. Sending a 4chan url to someon on IM often meant that by the time they clicked on the link, the image had already been removed.

In the beginning the site was very simple, you copied the Image URL into the CacheIt page and then it saved it to the system. Then there was a description of the image. Shortly after that there was the CacheIt button.

4Cache started off as a small site for a few people all working in the same office but rather quickly outgrew itself and needed its own domain name. 2009 saw the purchase of 4cache.net.

For a while there was a commenting system which very quickly got abused by spammers so it was shutdown. We also had a tagging system which existed for many years but since the latest redesign has been lost.

Being a user-generated site, it is quite likely that there is copyrighted material. If you are a content owner or know that there is material on here that is copyrighted, please let me know by sending through the URL via a Support Ticket here.

If you want to add the Cache It button to your Favourites bar, drag this URL up there.
You'll need the password but if you email password at 4cache.net you can get it.